Season 1 Episode 5: Out of Darkness


We are back and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing Season 1 episode 5 Out of Darkness featuring Hera and Sabine. Some topics include, The Force Awakens Episode VII title, the big debate in fandom: who is Fulcrum, what did Sabine do on Mandalore before joining the Rebels, what is Hera's larger plan with the Rebellion and much more. 

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Jason Fry Interview: Edge of the Galaxy


In this episode Pete sat down with Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy author Jason C. Fry to dig deep into the novel including discussing Zare Leonis' past, how the writing process went to creating Zare and Dhara's backstory, how Edge of the Galaxy parallels Friday Night Lights, how the Imperial Academy system worked and much much more! 

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Season 1 Episode 4: Breaking Ranks


Pete and Andy are back after a short hiatus with our review episode of Episode 4 of Star Wars Rebels Breaking Ranks! In this episode we discuss the details of Luminara's capture and execution in the previous episode of Rebels and if the Inquisitor was trained during the Clone Wars, why the Rebel's plan to get a decoder so damn complicated, the significance of the Kyber Crystals and much more!

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Season 1 Episode 3: Rise of the Old Masters


In this episode Pete and Andy are joined by FlyGuy to review the hotly anticipated third episode of Star Wars Rebels featuring the introduction of the Inquisitor! Some key topics include Disney XD viewing numbers and how Disney can raise the numbers for Star Wars Rebels, what was going on with Luminara Unduli, who is Senator Gall Trayvis, did the Inquisitor beat the hype and more!

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Season 1 Episode 2: Fighter Flight


Rebels Report is back with our review of Episode 2 of Star Wars Rebels: Fighter Flight. Join Pete and Andy as they talk about the latest Rebels news, discuss Disney XD's staggered release of the episodes and it's impact on the Star Wars community, Ezra's lack of game when it comes to Sabine, the brotherly relationship between Zeb and Ezra and much more.

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Season 1 Episode 1: Droids in Distress


Threepio and Artoo are back! Here is our review of the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, Droids in Distress with your normal hosts Andy and Pete and joined by Kale Suilon. 

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Season 1 Movie: Spark of Rebellion


Rebels Report is back with our review of the first episode of Star Wars Rebels from Disney XD, Spark of Rebellion! Join hosts Andy and Pete and guests Kale Suilon the new cosplay correspondent for Rebels Report and Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide author Adam Bray as they discuss the premiere episode.

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Rebels Report #16: A New Dawn Interview with John Jackson Miller


In this episode Pete and Andy discuss the announcement of the premiere dates  and time slot for Star Wars Rebels and then sit down and then sit down with novel and comic book author John Jackson Miller to discuss his latest novel Star Wars: A New Dawn. This novel hits retail shelves Tuesday September 2, and will give fans of Star Wars Rebels a glimpse into the life of Kanan and Hera as they first meet before the events of Star Wars Rebels.

For more on Star Wars: A New Dawn you fan follow John Jackson Miller on Twitter @JJMFaraway or on his website, Faraway Press.

To enter our A New Dawn Hardcover giveaway just leave a review of the show on iTunes and then email us letting us know you left a review at! We will announce the winner and send them a copy of the book on Sept 7th. 

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Rebels Report #15: Meet Author Adam Bray and San Diego Comic-Con Recap


Welcome back to Rebels Report and in this episode Andy and Pete got to sit down with author of Star Wars Rebels The Visual Guide Adam Bray and discussed his fandom, the writing process to the guide, keeping Lucasfilm secrets, and much more. We then discussed all that came out of San Diego Comic-Con from the individual panels to Pete's recap of the screening to the first episode of Star Wars Rebels!

Oh and make sure to listen till the end! We have a fantastic San Diego Comic-Con Star Wars Rebels giveaway and we will tell you how to enter to win! Giveaway is going until August 17th, 2014. 

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Rebels Report Live: Star Wars Rebels San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel


We have the complete live San Diego Comic-Con 2014 The Heroes of Star Wars Rebels panel hosted by Dave Collins and featuring many exclusive clips and guests. Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Vanessa Marshall, Freddie Prinze Jr., Taylor Gray, Tiya Sircar, and Steve Blum. Listen to it here! 

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