Season 1 Episode 12: Rebel Resolve


Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale discuss Episode 12: Rebel Resolve featuring Chopper saving the day, the future impact of Fulcrum, Kanan's fate and much much more speculation!

Some topics include:

  • How Fulcrum will play into the greater galaxy and affect the likes of the Emperor and Vader.

  • Discuss the possibility of there being two people as Fulcrum.
  • What Kanan's fate could be under the Empire.
  • Why Hera keeps everything to herself and the risks if she were to be captured by the Empire. 
  • Discuss why Sabine and Ezra’s relationship isn't being developed on screen.

  • What Vizago may request from Ezra in the future.
  • And what Palpatine might be doing with Mustafar to make it into a place where Jedi go to die. 

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Season 1 Episode 11: Call to Action


Welcome to our podcast review of Star Wars Rebels and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale review Episode 11: Call to Action featuring the Grand Moff, bounty hunters, and much more!

Some topics include:

  • The parallels between Return of the Jedi and this episode of Rebels.  

  • Could bounty hunters be in the future of Star Wars Rebels? Boba Fett, Cad Bane, IG-88, and many more possibilities. 

  • Discuss the turning point of the series where the rebels are revealed to the public and the significance of this reveal.

  • Is the Inquisitor Tarkin’s lapdog?

  • The significance of the revival of the Bridger Transmissions and many more topics.

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Season 1 Episode 10: Vision of Hope


Welcome to our podcast review where we decide to rename ourselves to Rebels Speculation. This time Pete, Andy, and Kale review Episode 10: Vision of Hope featuring Gall Trayvis, Imperial scheming, Force abilities and much more!

Some topics include:

  • Ahsoka Tano's future role as [SPOILER] in Star Wars Rebels, how Darth Vader could come into play
  • Discuss rumours of how Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine could be introduced into Rebels,
  • Why Ezra always passes out when he uses the Force.
  • Connect the dots between Zare Leonis, the Death Star, and the previous episode with Lando and the Puffer Pig.
  • How Gall Trayvis managed to trick the rebels and the many rebels from before and much more.
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Season 1 Episode 9: Idiot’s Array


Welcome to our podcast review that works every time. This time Pete, Andy, and Kale review Episode 9: Idiot's Array featuring Lando Calrissian scheming, space bacon, Goblin King knock villain, and so much more speculation on the future of the series. Did someone say Death Star laser?

Some topics include:

  • Discuss our Rebels Report plans at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. 
  • Lando's return to the galaxy far far away, his EU backstory with the Falcon, and the significance of Sabacc becoming canon.
  • Speculate on how the Puffer Pig, Kaiburr Crystals, the Death Star laser and a certain smuggler can all be connected and much more!

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Season 1 Episode 8: Path of the Jedi


In this episode of Rebels Report, Pete, Andy, and Kale have a lengthy discussion on the exciting episode of Star Wars Rebels, "Path of the Jedi." Some topics include what is going on between Ezra and Sabine, The relationship between Ezra and Kanan and how it has been maturing, the significance of the Jedi Temple of Lothal and Force Nexus' across the galaxy, theorize on what Darth Sidious is up to during this time, why Ezra's lightsaber reveal was underwhelming, and many more discussions and theories. 

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Holonet News: Frank Oz as Yoda in Star Wars Rebels


This is the trial run for Holonet News where Pete and Andy sit down and breakdown important Star Wars news in a short format. Please leave us feedback at

In this episode, we discuss how Yoda in Star Wars Rebels could work. Frank Oz has been announced to return as the voice of Yoda in Episode 8 "Path of the Jedi" as a disembodied voice. 
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Season 1 Episode 7: Gathering Forces


Welcome to our podcast review where we are bringin' sideburns back and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing the mid-season finale, Episode 7: Gathering Forces featuring Ezra and Kanan fleeing from the clutches of the Inquisitor.

Some topics include:

  • Tracking beacons and their role in galactic history.
  • Delve into the imperials and the return of Sideburns.
  • Kanan's teaching style as a Jedi Knight. 
  • Ezra's brush with the Dark Side.
  • The maturing relationship between Ezra and Sabine and much more including a Guardians of the Galaxy shoutout...
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Season 1 Episode 6: Empire Day


We are back from the Spice Mines of Kessel and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing Season 1 Episode 6: Empire Day featuring our rebel heroes disrupting Empire Day celebrations.

Some topics include:

  • The unique Force abilities of Ezra and speculate on the Inquisitor's force abilities.
  • Speculate about how the Crumb Bomber gunship crashed on Lothal.
  • The significance of Empire Day and it's connection to real world events.
  • What's the deal with Ezra's parents? Are they alive, dead, or captured?
  • Double rainbows...and much more!
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Season 1 Episode 5: Out of Darkness


We are back and this time Pete and Andy are reviewing Season 1 episode 5 Out of Darkness featuring Hera and Sabine. Some topics include, The Force Awakens Episode VII title, the big debate in fandom: who is Fulcrum, what did Sabine do on Mandalore before joining the Rebels, what is Hera's larger plan with the Rebellion and much more. 

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Jason Fry Interview: Edge of the Galaxy


In this episode Pete sat down with Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy author Jason C. Fry to dig deep into the novel including discussing Zare Leonis' past, how the writing process went to creating Zare and Dhara's backstory, how Edge of the Galaxy parallels Friday Night Lights, how the Imperial Academy system worked and much much more! 

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