Season 1 Episode 10: Vision of Hope


Welcome to our podcast review where we decide to rename ourselves to Rebels Speculation. This time Pete, Andy, and Kale review Episode 10: Vision of Hope featuring Gall Trayvis, Imperial scheming, Force abilities and much more!

Some topics include:

  • Ahsoka Tano's future role as [SPOILER] in Star Wars Rebels, how Darth Vader could come into play
  • Discuss rumours of how Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine could be introduced into Rebels,
  • Why Ezra always passes out when he uses the Force.
  • Connect the dots between Zare Leonis, the Death Star, and the previous episode with Lando and the Puffer Pig.
  • How Gall Trayvis managed to trick the rebels and the many rebels from before and much more.