Season 1 Episode 13: Fire Across the Galaxy


Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast of the season one finale and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale discuss Episode 13 Fire Across the Galaxy featuring Ahsoka! Holy crap!

Some topics include:

  • Discuss our reactions when discovering Ahsoka's reveal. 

  • Share our thoughts on Ahsoka's new appearance, armour, lightsabers, and more.
  • Does Kanan know of Ahsoka and does Ahsoka know of Darth Vader's identity?
  • The Inquisitor's death and it's impact on the galaxy and the rest of the show. 
  • Share theories on the rebel cells across the galaxy.

  • Speculate on Sato, Phoenix Squad and what Season Two might bring. 
  • How this episode relates to the Two Towers and much much more.

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