Season 2 Premiere: The Siege of Lothal


Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast and this time Pete and Andy are joined by special guest Mos Eisley Comics Port host Catrina to discuss the incredible Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, "The Siege of Lothal"!

Some topics include:

  • How long our rebels have been fighting with Phenoix Squadron and Commander Sato

  • Discuss Maketh Tua’s true intentions and wonder where the Governor of Lothal has been 
  • Share theories on why the Empire is so interested in Lothal
  • Discuss how Kallus has been working his way up Imperial ranks and the significance of Maketh's fate
  • The 501st Legion and Darth Vader's incredible introduction in the show

  • How Darth Vader is the Batman of the Star Wars universe 
  • The significance of Sabine's armour, how it fits in with Mandalorian culture 

  • The hot topic, does Ahsoka know who Darth Vader is
  • What is Darth Vader and Palpatine's plan with Ahsoka 
  • and much much more speculation and theories! 

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