Season 1 Episode 12: Rebel Resolve


Welcome to our Star Wars Rebels review podcast and this time Pete, Andy, and Kale discuss Episode 12: Rebel Resolve featuring Chopper saving the day, the future impact of Fulcrum, Kanan's fate and much much more speculation!

Some topics include:

  • How Fulcrum will play into the greater galaxy and affect the likes of the Emperor and Vader.

  • Discuss the possibility of there being two people as Fulcrum.
  • What Kanan's fate could be under the Empire.
  • Why Hera keeps everything to herself and the risks if she were to be captured by the Empire. 
  • Discuss why Sabine and Ezra’s relationship isn't being developed on screen.

  • What Vizago may request from Ezra in the future.
  • And what Palpatine might be doing with Mustafar to make it into a place where Jedi go to die.